Monthly Archives: November 2015

No relief for Syrians…..


Tensions have become even stronger in the Middle East, after Turkey shot down the Russian military jet, which was launching attacks against the rebel fighters in Syria. Turkey did allegedly warn this particular Russian jet several times, that it must stop violating the airspace of Turkey, before shooting it down…..but Russian authorities are convinced that their military jet didn’t enter Turkish airspace at all, while it was carrying out a mission against the rebel fighters….

This particular event makes the creation of a unified alliance against ISIS much harder, although after the horrible terror attacks in France (on November 13) there had been brief hopes that Russia can be integrated into the anti-ISIS alliance as well….

While the actions of Turkey and Russia in Syria have both raised serious concerns in the international media, those two countries seem to have ended up in a very dangerous confrontation now, which could clearly involve the whole military alliance of NATO as well, because Turkey is among the member states of NATO…

But as long as the fight against ISIS remains only a pretext for several countries, for actually pursuing their own selfish agendas, it is very unlikely that the people of Syria (and Iraq) can hope for any kind of relief to their horrors at all….