Monthly Archives: December 2015

A ray of light from Paris


The Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21) has ended rather successfully, with a deal aiming to curb the rapid rise of the average temperatures of the world….but obviously words itself won’t sadly make a lasting difference to the current situation, so governments all over the world have to prove with their clear actions now, that the future of our common planet does really matter to them more, than immediate political or economic success…..

Because whoever opposes the adoption and support of more environmentally friendly energy resources, instead of the strongly harmful fossile fuels, because of the possibly negative short-term effects on every particular country’s economy…..has to obviously bear in mind, that continuing with “business as usual”, can (and probably will) sooner or later have unavoidable and disastrous effects for this superficially preserved economy and to the living conditions on this planet in general….

So now is really not an appropriate time anymore, to live in fantasies about endless economic growth with the support of fossile fuels, while hoping that it won’t bring a catastrophe to the whole world…. Because all the numerous (especially) Hollywood films, depicting climatic catastrophies in the future, should never be classified into the categories of sci-fi or fantasy…..but rather as constant and grave warnings of the things to come, if the governments of the world won’t make drastic changes in their polluting and detrimental ways of conduct….

Which means that now, after a more or less promising climate deal has been reached in Paris, it’s high time for all the statesmen to shine ! And for all the selfish and greedy politicians to give the floor to those statesmen, who value the fate of our common planet much more, than the greatness of their own bank account and endless thirst to stay in power……