World needs some leadership !


I had extensively followed the long run-up to the US presidential elections and therefore also witnessed all the controversies, which Donald Trump brought to the campaign…. Yet he still managed to win the elections, although, let’s be honest, he had to witness a massive Anti-Trump campaign by the mainstream media, political establishment in the country, and even from some significant foreign leaders…

But now it seems as if the time has simply stopped and all of US politics revolves around these endless rumours about “connections and collaborations with the Russians”, exactly like a Reality TV show “USA Is Searching For A Russian Collaborator”…and almost everyone seems to be completely fine there in US, that this is the main topic there for months (about “who said what to whom and what he/she meant by that”): Trump is endlessly Tweeting, the US media is obsessed with every word, the Democrats are leaving an impression of a national catastrophe…but maybe it’s about high time already to start focussing on the significant global problems as well ?

We heard perhaps only 2-3 days of criticism towards Trump, in relation to his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement (which has by far been his worst and globally most devastating political move of all…at least so far)….but at the same time, we’ve had to hear for months about every random word, which Trump perhaps might have said to former FBI director James Comey, or maybe didn’t say… Yet at the same time, ISIS hasn’t gone anywhere, UK is suffering under constant tragedies, Russia is still flexing its muscles, and the black sheep in the robes of an angel (namely China PR) is trying (and seemingly succeeding) to emerge as a “responsible global player”, despite its everlasting threats against Taiwan and its historically fictional claims in the South China Sea… And North Korea is still step-by-step advancing towards its nuclear bomb, which would be nothing less than a catastrophe for the entire region (or even to the entire world) !!

So the bottom line is: the world desperately needs USA to get its act together at last, to start focussing on things that really matter (and to let their law enforcement units do their proper work, instead of the media trying to play the police). We simply don’t have a humane alternative right now to the global leadership of USA, especially as long as Europe is also mostly occupied with its internal problems (Brexit, refugee & financial crisis, etc). This is a critical time right now to focus on the global developments, which could easily determine the destiny of our planet ….because very soon it could be already too late….

Honestly, I don’t intend to sound too grim, but what else could I say, if the environment is at a serious risk, and countries which are blatantly encroaching on some basic human rights (like the freedom of speech and the right for political self-determination) are more and more starting to shape the structure of our global principles?

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