North Korea in the limelight


The existence of sustained troubles between North Korea and the West hasn’t really been a newsworthy story almost since the middle of the 20th century, when the Korean War (1950-53) ravaged the peninsula and seemingly set the balance of powers in stone, along the so-called 38th parallel, separating the two Koreas.

The early decades of South Korea were both politically and economically very rocky and challenging, as it, in all honesty, actually took until the early 90’s for South Korea, to finally join the ranks of the global community of democratic countries. But since then, there has really been no true contest between the 2 Koreas, regarding their levels of international appeal and dignity…

However, largely thanks to the “dedicated” efforts of PR China, North Korea has still managed to somehow survive even the collapse of the Soviet system, and the challenges posed by rapid technological (and military) developments in the Western countries – in spite of the ever-growing pressure, caused by all kinds of economic sanctions, which are directed against the country.

So in other words, the Korean case is basically nothing else than just the ever-present remnant of the cold war, whereby the Capitalist West (USA) and Communist East (China) are carrying out their proxy confrontation, relying on South Korea and North Korea, respectively….or this is at least the way how China still seems to regard this… Because the success of Communism is vitally connected with the existence of an international adversary, in order to perhaps even desperately blur the countless domestic flaws, from the eyesight and sustained attention of the citizens.

Therefore, China couldn’t be happier, that the cold war is still going on in the Korean peninsula, but at the same time, they are also obviously annoyed, that North Korean Kim isn’t such a humble servant to China anymore, as his father used to be… So the current situation isn’t caused by Donald Trump, but it’s caused by China, and simply carried out by Kim Jong-un. Of course, the recent rhetoric by Trump probably isn’t helpful by any means, but North Korea needs to be stopped, China will try to sabotage these efforts as subtly as possible (with occasional public displays of global cooperation), and South Korea and Japan NEED TO BE PROTECTED at any cost, from any kind of military activities by the North !!

So in other words, war is truly not the option (unless we are talking about some kind of a very specific operation against military installations, which must have an absolutely devastating effect on the North Korean aggressive capabilites), but the solution to the problem lies within China – they need to become serious about stopping North Korea, at last ! But in order for this to happen, the responsible member countries of the global community need to make a choice: the cheap goods, labour and money of China, or a potential nuclear catastrophe to devastate the whole region (or even the entire world, with some “doomsday perspective”)….

Therefore, this is where the actual dilemma lies: instead of “war or diplomacy?” we should be asking “Chinese money or our future on this planet?” and if we just face the reality like that, the “correct answer” to this question should obviously be an absolute no-brainer….


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