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Updates related to the Asian front


When it comes to Asia, the first few months of 2018 have still been mostly dominated by 2 significant international talking points, which are obviously far from being some kind of new topics on the board – these are namely the North Korean nuclear program and the seemingly everlasting civil war in Syria (which has pretty much become a lost cause for the West). However, somewhere on the horizon, we also have some modest signs of a looming trade war between USA and China, though I wouldn’t personally be too concerned about this at the moment, because at least so far, this case has actually more to do with some “diplomatic signals of discontent”, initiated by the US president Trump, than with any significant intentions to enter a period of confrontation between the 2 largest economies in the world.

Well…as a matter of fact, we did have another major development coming from China, given that Xi Jinping has now been officially released from the “burden” of having to honour the 2 presidential term limits (5 years each), which therefore, essentially, paves him the way towards becoming the most uncontrollable ruler of China PR, since Mao Zedong himself… Though nevertheless, while virtually everyone in the Western political “mainstream” seems to be determined now that Vladimir Putin possesses some obviously dictatorial characteristics, being the president of Russia in the context of an obviously flawed democracy…then at the same time, it’s viewed perhaps just as a “minor source of inconvenience” when the notoriously undemocratic state of China has now officially sanctioned the possibility of a full-blown dictatorship, which doesn’t have anything to do with the will of the people whatsoever…

“But hey, China is still so different from Russia, because we could get so much money and other benefits from there” – that would seem to be the most obvious explanation to this current hypocritical phenomenon of intense emotional subjugation to China, which the Western world is vehemently demonstrating… And from that perspective, if one would set aside the lure of money even just for a second, it would feel like a vital breath of fresh air, if someone at last (besides North Korea, from an utterly ironic sense), in the form of Trump, has finally dared to cause perhaps some minor inconveniences to the highly deceptive authoritarian state of China…

At the same time, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has, all of a sudden, almost become an international pop star, whom everyone wants to meet with (surely the Chinese and the Americans, perhaps also Russians) which isn’t anything harmful per se…but one should definitely bear in mind the question: “What has suddenly caused such an apparent change of heart by the North Korean ruler?” Could it really have been the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea? Well..for a change, I wouldn’t even completely rule out such a seemingly naive type of a reason (as an important source of influence)…because, after all, Kim Jong-un wants to feel respected and acknowledged…and given the utterly unprecedented positive media coverage, which North Korea received from PyeongChang (thanks to Kim’s high ranking sister and the massive delegation of cheerleaders), it would be an absolutely adequate idea to suggest that perhaps Kim Jong-un was stunned enough by that whole experience (including the exceedingly accommodating attitude shown by the South Korean officials, regarding the northern neighbour’s last gasp bid to take part of the olymipc games at all)…

Well, he definitely was stunned to some extent, so the only question remains, was it really “enough”.. ? Probably not…but at least it surely gave him something to think (and apparently cheer) about…


For Spain, No Gain


This year of 2017 has been all about Spain. We have witnessed an explosion of Spanish influence in the field of pop music, as YouTube’s all-time viewing charts have all of a sudden been filled by an actual competitor to the English language…. But first and foremost, we’ve especially had one particular “Despacito” song, smashing all the previous YouTube records into pieces…

So from the perspective of such a massive outflow of “soft power” from the Spanish speaking world, it has been almost unimaginable to comprehend, what a ridiculous politcal mess has been created by the government at the “Motherland” of this Spanish-filled universe, which is centered at the Iberian peninsula.

Only a couple of days ago we had the regional elections there in Catalonia, which were called by the central government…and also kind of lost by them as well (a bit similar to the gamble made by UK’s Theresa May, although this Spanish case was always promising to become a farce for Madrid). So what do we have now? The Catalonian independence referendum (which was never even theoretically supposed to become a success for the pro-independence voters, based on the alleged marginality of this side), was almost mercilessly crushed by the Spanish police…and now the “marginal” supporters of Catalan pro-independence parties have won the new elections yet again (if we combine all of their votes)? So we have some very curious anomalies here: firstly, a supposedly pointless referendum was crushed with brute force, and secondly, the troublesome “marginals” have won the elections yet again…?? Or in other words, if the Spanish government is truly worthy of any kind of award this year, it should definitely be an EU special award for “misleading propaganda”…  :/

So let us now focus on these and all of the other unanswered questions a bit more specifically:

  1. Based on Article 1 of the UN charter, the purposes of the UN are (2) “To develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace”. SO there we have it….and yet the Spanish government basically keeps just endlessly repeating, that this “principle [of] self-determination of peoples” is explicitly outlawed in their constitution, as it would result in the collapse of the territorial integrity of Spain… So here is my question, how could one of the fundamental principles of the international law, concerning political/human rights of the people, be anyhow outlawed in a supposedly democratic and free European country, which has obviously also ratified this very same UN charter?
  2. How could the Catalan people possibly decide about their own fate as a nation anyhow at all, if they are even forcibly prevented from having a referendum ever at all? Could any Spanish politicians (and their global apologists) please provide – at least on some utterly basic level – an explanation, why do e.g. the Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarians, Germans, Turks (and every other nation on Earth with their own state) deserve to have independence, but the Catalans (and Kurds as well, of course) are somehow worse and less worthy than all of the others?
  3. The EU claims that this Catalan issue is an internal matter of the Spanish state – so when peaceful citizens, who simply wish to cast their votes in an election, are beaten to the ground with batons, it should be qualified just as “the protection of the rule of law” by Brussels, and the “protection of DEMOCRACY (seriously…of all things…???)” by Madrid. How on Earth could anyone justify this? While at the same time, especially Poland (but also Hungary) is subjected to almost constant bashing by Brussels, simply on the basis of their thoroughly internal legislative activites.. and this is somehow not described as an “interference in a member state’s internal issues”??
  4. Why did the Spanish government wage such a fierce rhetorical war during the lead up towards the proposed referendum, if they were absolutely certain, that only the minority of the Catalan people support the independence? And why was the reaction on the day itself so merciless? Firstly, they could have simply accepted that this supposedly “destined-to-fail” referendum would take place (= wisdom), because then “the wolves would have eaten, but the sheep wouldn’t have been touched” – a referendum for the Catalans, and unity for Spain! Why not? Or secondly, the government could have later simply denied the validity of the referendum’s results, and that’s all…so why all of this outrageous brutality by the police?? There seem to be only two logical explanations: these are either absolute political ignorance and/or a deliberately fake political propaganda (about the actual extent of support for the independence movement)…

Honestly speaking, I believe I actually do have the answers to all of these relevant questions..



North Korea in the limelight


The existence of sustained troubles between North Korea and the West hasn’t really been a newsworthy story almost since the middle of the 20th century, when the Korean War (1950-53) ravaged the peninsula and seemingly set the balance of powers in stone, along the so-called 38th parallel, separating the two Koreas.

The early decades of South Korea were both politically and economically very rocky and challenging, as it, in all honesty, actually took until the early 90’s for South Korea, to finally join the ranks of the global community of democratic countries. But since then, there has really been no true contest between the 2 Koreas, regarding their levels of international appeal and dignity…

However, largely thanks to the “dedicated” efforts of PR China, North Korea has still managed to somehow survive even the collapse of the Soviet system, and the challenges posed by rapid technological (and military) developments in the Western countries – in spite of the ever-growing pressure, caused by all kinds of economic sanctions, which are directed against the country.

So in other words, the Korean case is basically nothing else than just the ever-present remnant of the cold war, whereby the Capitalist West (USA) and Communist East (China) are carrying out their proxy confrontation, relying on South Korea and North Korea, respectively….or this is at least the way how China still seems to regard this… Because the success of Communism is vitally connected with the existence of an international adversary, in order to perhaps even desperately blur the countless domestic flaws, from the eyesight and sustained attention of the citizens.

Therefore, China couldn’t be happier, that the cold war is still going on in the Korean peninsula, but at the same time, they are also obviously annoyed, that North Korean Kim isn’t such a humble servant to China anymore, as his father used to be… So the current situation isn’t caused by Donald Trump, but it’s caused by China, and simply carried out by Kim Jong-un. Of course, the recent rhetoric by Trump probably isn’t helpful by any means, but North Korea needs to be stopped, China will try to sabotage these efforts as subtly as possible (with occasional public displays of global cooperation), and South Korea and Japan NEED TO BE PROTECTED at any cost, from any kind of military activities by the North !!

So in other words, war is truly not the option (unless we are talking about some kind of a very specific operation against military installations, which must have an absolutely devastating effect on the North Korean aggressive capabilites), but the solution to the problem lies within China – they need to become serious about stopping North Korea, at last ! But in order for this to happen, the responsible member countries of the global community need to make a choice: the cheap goods, labour and money of China, or a potential nuclear catastrophe to devastate the whole region (or even the entire world, with some “doomsday perspective”)….

Therefore, this is where the actual dilemma lies: instead of “war or diplomacy?” we should be asking “Chinese money or our future on this planet?” and if we just face the reality like that, the “correct answer” to this question should obviously be an absolute no-brainer….


World needs some leadership !


I had extensively followed the long run-up to the US presidential elections and therefore also witnessed all the controversies, which Donald Trump brought to the campaign…. Yet he still managed to win the elections, although, let’s be honest, he had to witness a massive Anti-Trump campaign by the mainstream media, political establishment in the country, and even from some significant foreign leaders…

But now it seems as if the time has simply stopped and all of US politics revolves around these endless rumours about “connections and collaborations with the Russians”, exactly like a Reality TV show “USA Is Searching For A Russian Collaborator”…and almost everyone seems to be completely fine there in US, that this is the main topic there for months (about “who said what to whom and what he/she meant by that”): Trump is endlessly Tweeting, the US media is obsessed with every word, the Democrats are leaving an impression of a national catastrophe…but maybe it’s about high time already to start focussing on the significant global problems as well ?

We heard perhaps only 2-3 days of criticism towards Trump, in relation to his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement (which has by far been his worst and globally most devastating political move of all…at least so far)….but at the same time, we’ve had to hear for months about every random word, which Trump perhaps might have said to former FBI director James Comey, or maybe didn’t say… Yet at the same time, ISIS hasn’t gone anywhere, UK is suffering under constant tragedies, Russia is still flexing its muscles, and the black sheep in the robes of an angel (namely China PR) is trying (and seemingly succeeding) to emerge as a “responsible global player”, despite its everlasting threats against Taiwan and its historically fictional claims in the South China Sea… And North Korea is still step-by-step advancing towards its nuclear bomb, which would be nothing less than a catastrophe for the entire region (or even to the entire world) !!

So the bottom line is: the world desperately needs USA to get its act together at last, to start focussing on things that really matter (and to let their law enforcement units do their proper work, instead of the media trying to play the police). We simply don’t have a humane alternative right now to the global leadership of USA, especially as long as Europe is also mostly occupied with its internal problems (Brexit, refugee & financial crisis, etc). This is a critical time right now to focus on the global developments, which could easily determine the destiny of our planet ….because very soon it could be already too late….

Honestly, I don’t intend to sound too grim, but what else could I say, if the environment is at a serious risk, and countries which are blatantly encroaching on some basic human rights (like the freedom of speech and the right for political self-determination) are more and more starting to shape the structure of our global principles?

So Brexit is really going to happen !?


Even most of the politically inclined people of Europe were probably rather shocked in the morning of June 24th, when they found out what had just happened overnight: nearly 52 % of the British electorate, who had taken part in the Brexit referendum to determine the future of UK, had preferred to see their country separated from the European Union !  And this is a result that even lots of the voters belonging to the “Leave EU” camp hadn’t really expected to become a reality…

Although there had clearly been some signs in the air, that the majority might actually fall on the “Leave” side, so there’s really no reason to be utterly shocked and in disbelief… Because it’s just a rather sad result, which was always going to be even a probable possibility, especially based on the pre-vote opinion polls, conducted there in the UK itself…

But what could be the actual reasons for all of this ? Well…there’s definitely the factor of disappointment among the UK populace, because of several issues connected with migration – coming from the other EU countries, but especially from all the so-called “3rd world countries”, which has seemingly been very strongly connected with UK’s longtime membership in the EU…especially in the eyes of the “Leave” voters… And although such a belief is quite obviously true, in case of the migration from another EU states, it had actually been primarily the “consequence” of Britain’s former huge colonial empire itself, in the latter case (especially before the current refugee crisis, which has developed in the Middle East)…

Anyways…yes, one can theoretically say, that the current British prime minister David Cameron is the obvious culprit of the apparent split between UK and EU…just because the original promise for this referendum (at least publicly) truly came from Cameron, for whatever UK’s internal reasons exactly… But in all honesty, this is a rather absurd accusation in itself, because what is democracy after all – it’s originally demos kratos from Greek language, meaning “people’s power”… So how could anyone seriously accuse a democratic prime minister, for giving the power to the people, to decide the fate of their country, in the form of this “EU referendum” !?

In other words, Cameron is the “villain”…exactly because he has given the final choice to the people of UK ? Basically this suggests, nothing more and nothing less, in the views of all the other pro-EU politicians across Europe (who accuse Cameron), that despite all of the “chit-chat” about democracy, the ordinary people are obviously just “too dumb and easily manipulated” to make such a vital decision about EU membership…and people are only “qualified” to vote these very same politicians into power… But of course, no-one would ever dare to make such a comment (in Europe), which would be just so-so “politically incorrect” that only Donald Trump could possibly afford it, without commiting a political suicide…

So we really shouldn’t put the main blame for this current situation on David Cameron, who in all honesty acted like a “true democrat” (no matter what anyone personally thinks about his decision to hold a referendum, this fact simply can’t be denied !), but it’s still important to find the actual underlying reasons for Brexit (i.e. for the predominant negative sentiments among the UK populace, towards EU).

Therefore, I would personally suggest the following causes:

A) The mainland EU-leaders and heads of the “core countries” (especially Germany, and France), should have a serious look in the mirror, and hopefully realize at last, that problems won’t be solved and harmony (inside the EU) can’t be achieved via arrogance, pride, and insulting accusations…. because, let’s just face it, lots of the people who raise concerns about the mass migration into EU and within EU, aren’t automatically “fascists, hatemongers and bigoted fools”, but there are obviously adequate reasons to be seriously worried about the current developments in Europe….. And anyways…if the moderate and constructive skeptics are quieted and subjected to ridicule…then it’s just the natural sad logical consequence, that all the actual radicals began to dominate (and manipulate) with the minds of the ordinary people…

B) The people should be properly educated about the meaning and importance of the EU – about the value of staying connected and of continuing this mutual co-operation. Though not just in schools (because as the recent results have shown, most of the people who voted for “Leave” belong to the older generations), but in public sphere in general; all the questions and fears have to be addressed and answered, no matter how silly they seem to be…so that the people would finally see (all across Europe), why it’s ultimately better, for more or less anyone, to stay connected within the EU framework… Because if it really happens to be almost impossible to convince the majority of people across different parts of Europe, to continue supporting the existence of EU…then, well….there’s almost nothing that anyone could seriously do, to keep similar “Brexit referendums” from taking place in other EU countries as well…because this is what DEMOCRACY actually means…

Although to sum it up…I am personally also sad that UK is going to leave the EU, because we can easily see from the recent 20th century history, that various conflicts and even full-fledged wars won’t obviously happen because of mutual understanding, trust, and co-operation….but exactly because of divisions, political arguments, and almost limitless ambitions to strive for personal glory (as a nation or as a leader of a particular country) on the expense of the welfare of basically everyone else….


A ray of light from Paris


The Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21) has ended rather successfully, with a deal aiming to curb the rapid rise of the average temperatures of the world….but obviously words itself won’t sadly make a lasting difference to the current situation, so governments all over the world have to prove with their clear actions now, that the future of our common planet does really matter to them more, than immediate political or economic success…..

Because whoever opposes the adoption and support of more environmentally friendly energy resources, instead of the strongly harmful fossile fuels, because of the possibly negative short-term effects on every particular country’s economy…..has to obviously bear in mind, that continuing with “business as usual”, can (and probably will) sooner or later have unavoidable and disastrous effects for this superficially preserved economy and to the living conditions on this planet in general….

So now is really not an appropriate time anymore, to live in fantasies about endless economic growth with the support of fossile fuels, while hoping that it won’t bring a catastrophe to the whole world…. Because all the numerous (especially) Hollywood films, depicting climatic catastrophies in the future, should never be classified into the categories of sci-fi or fantasy…..but rather as constant and grave warnings of the things to come, if the governments of the world won’t make drastic changes in their polluting and detrimental ways of conduct….

Which means that now, after a more or less promising climate deal has been reached in Paris, it’s high time for all the statesmen to shine ! And for all the selfish and greedy politicians to give the floor to those statesmen, who value the fate of our common planet much more, than the greatness of their own bank account and endless thirst to stay in power……


No relief for Syrians…..


Tensions have become even stronger in the Middle East, after Turkey shot down the Russian military jet, which was launching attacks against the rebel fighters in Syria. Turkey did allegedly warn this particular Russian jet several times, that it must stop violating the airspace of Turkey, before shooting it down…..but Russian authorities are convinced that their military jet didn’t enter Turkish airspace at all, while it was carrying out a mission against the rebel fighters….

This particular event makes the creation of a unified alliance against ISIS much harder, although after the horrible terror attacks in France (on November 13) there had been brief hopes that Russia can be integrated into the anti-ISIS alliance as well….

While the actions of Turkey and Russia in Syria have both raised serious concerns in the international media, those two countries seem to have ended up in a very dangerous confrontation now, which could clearly involve the whole military alliance of NATO as well, because Turkey is among the member states of NATO…

But as long as the fight against ISIS remains only a pretext for several countries, for actually pursuing their own selfish agendas, it is very unlikely that the people of Syria (and Iraq) can hope for any kind of relief to their horrors at all….


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